Our Unique: Paneer Shashlik

You Will Miss These Chunks of Paneer Marinated in Spices and Grilled in a Tandoor.. everytime you go for a party where we miss you.

Our Pride: Bindass Special

Just Seeing Our Bindass Special biriyani Your Heart Will Say 'Let the diet start from tomorrow'.

Chicken Kebabs

A perfect entree to get your party started! Chicken pieces marinated with a range of spices and shallow fried.

Fish Fries

Silky fillets of Bhetki, coated with spicy-green marinade, then crumb coated and fried—a Calcutta specialty!

Reshmi Kabab

Reshmi is an apt description for these silky-textured, delicious chicken kababs that are a traditional Mughlai dish prepared in India.

Kesar Rasgulla

A melt in the mouth soft and spongy cheese balls in light and sweet mild cardamom flavored sugary syrup.

Our Promises and Values

Ramp it up at your next soiree party and let the experts handle the cooking. All you have to do is find the perfect party spot and traipse around looking like the hostess with mostest in a luxe dress, of course. Just so you don’t have to break into a sweat, we’ve sussed out the best wedding catering services and private chefs that’ll cater to every whim.

The Best Wedding Caterer Welcomes You

Get ready for a gourmet dining experience with Bindass Caterer. By partnering with the best chefs to provide fully customised menus and services, this is us who can do it all. The chefs here know their way around many different kinds of cuisines, be it Bengali cuisine, Muglai, Italian, Chinese or fusion. You don’t have to worry about breaking the bank either; they’ll work with your budget to meet all your needs

  • Proud to be Bengali!

    Tipical bengali thali.

  • Fish Biriyani!

    Bindass Special dish.

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